How to pretend as a bad boy for a real good guy

Once upon ago, I had a relationship with a girl. She was beautiful girl and she was my girlfriend, at the past :|. Well, I would not like to tell who her is, I would like to tell how to pretend as a bad boy, if you are the good boy.

Do you know, why I write that title? Because, at last before we decided to break our relationship, she said that I was too good boy for her. Ah! Dammit! What wrong in a good boy?

Now, I am trying to become a bad boy, but I can’t. huft. However, my friends said that it’s much better than last before the broken moment. Actually I am still a good boy. 😐 So, I will share that for you.

What must you do to become a bad boy:

First, you have to talk in harsh word. That is the required way, so you should do that. Make it as your habit, you should talk in harsh word even you meet a girl. However, keep in your mind, you are still a good boy. Stop the habit when you meet someone older, likes her parent or people who you respect.

Second, pretend you know many girls in your life. You don’t have to get a date with them, just go to a coffee shop, do your works and say to your friend that you have a date with the girls. Don’t update your current location and share it to socmed when you pretend. Because your friend can check where you are, and they know what really happen.

Third, pretend as a happy person. Yah, that is hard, but believe, you can, although you have to waste a lot of energy for it. No worries! When you work in a coffee shop, you will get money (if you work for getting money, not for working in your thesis), pay some foods and beverages by your money. and and get the meals. It makes you still alive and strong.

Last, tell to everyone that you are not alone, you just need time for yourself. Make everyone believe that you are an independent, even your heart says that you hope there is a girl beside you.

Ok, I think that’s all. I have shared my experience for you guys. I hope that works.
Oh ya, just a gentle reminder, keep in your mind that you are a good boy. Don’t forget to pray to God for better life.

It’s just for kidding, don’t make it serious. Oh ya, apologize if you get bad English in my text, I’m really sorry for that. I’m still learning to write in English. So, if you have some correction for it, let me see. Thanks 🙂

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